An introduction to Islamic Azad University- Kashan Branch
Founded in 1984 and beginning to admit students in three majors of Accounting, Literature and Civil Engineering, Islamic Azad University of Kashan is one of oldest Azad universities across Isfahan province
It is currently accommodating 4000 students and continues to render services in forty fields and educational levels in three faculties, i.e
Technical-Engineering, Power and Computer, The remarkable admission of students of M.A. levels in various Azad and state-owned universities is an indication of the high educational quality of this university
At present, 285 instructors, 115 full lime plus 170 invited or contractual, are teaching at this university, Producing 20000 efficient graduates, the university has managed to have an influential contribution to the development of the Islamic country and in particular Kashan. The university is located on a plot of land with an area of 53 hectors and a built-area of 30000 meters of educational, cultural, research and sports space

Address:Iran, Isfahan, kashan, Qotb- e Ravandi st., Ostadan st
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